With several years of telesales and customer services experience, our operators working at the almost 150 workstations located at eSense’s CallCenter Headquarters in Budapest are eager to serve our existing and prospective clients. Our operations include the full range of managing incoming and outgoing phone calls from the design and operation of customer services and information hotlines through the efficient implementation of telesales campaigns and market research projects all the way to the professional delivery of complaint and receivables management services.

In addition to our flexible and time-efficient services, our Partners’ satisfaction is ensured by the broad customer awareness of our supervisors, our reliable and experienced CallCenter manager and the ongoing training programs for our operators.


Telesales is an essential and indispensable element of a truly successful sales strategy as most business requirements can be achieved quickly and cost-efficiently by means of the following telesales methods:

  • database building and maintenance;
  • cross-selling and CRM process support;
  • arrangement of meetings and telephone invitations, and
  • direct sales and support for other sales channels.

An innovative sales system can be created by using the aforementioned tools in a complex way that always delivers the expected results for our Partners and whose efficiency is ensured by the simultaneous application of sales techniques that support each other.

Customer services

The centralised nature of the CallCenter ensures that the information provided is always consistent, up-to-date and cost-efficient. Within the framework of our comprehensive services, we undertake to design, build, operate and develop customer services systems that fully meet our Clients’ requirements while flexibly adapting to their changing needs.

Receivables management

Positive and confident communication plays a key role in debt collection by telephone, accordingly, beside excuse-management procedures, we pay special attention to the improvement of our operators’ argumentation techniques and complaint management skills. Our operators have unique skills and experience also in the field of telephone etiquette, courtesy and customer focus as it is our primary objective also in the case of our receivables management services that our Partners’ clients remain satisfied even after the collection process.

Quality assurance and performance evaluation

Our operators’ work is evaluated based on pre-defined criteria on a monthly basis and we continuously monitor any changes in the key performance indicators. Our supervisors provide regular feedback to the operators about the quality and efficacy of the work performed by them.

The most efficient tool of quality assurance is when our supervisors listen in on or replay the recorded calls made by the operators on-line about which we always provide immediate feedback to our staff.

During the phone calls we continuously allow our Partners to check the operation of work-flows and to monitor the progress of the actual calls through dedicated work stations.

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