According to our professional experience, efficient and high quality operation of the CallCenter requires a robust technological background as well as the professional design and harmonisation of operations and human resources.

Technical background

It is of paramount importance to ensure that the technological background lends itself to further development and provides a cost-efficient solution, while at the same time it is fully aligned with the intended purpose of the CallCenter. In response to the diverse needs of our Clients, we offer versatile alternative solutions creating a fine balance between expectations and possibilities.


The essential conditions for the successful operation of the CallCenter include carefully designed, implemented and controlled internal processes that pose ever-changing challenges to be solved on a daily basis in all customer relations systems. The solution offered by eSense features uniquely designed and proven procedures, statistical systems and control functions that rely on a multinational background.

Human resources

The Customers’ impression of a company is always greatly dependent on the quality and condition of the human resources working at the CallCenter, whether in sales, customer services or complaint management. The high quality operation of the CallCenter requires human resources management practices that are based on the results of the most recent scientific research, training and motivation techniques, incentive systems as well as several years of management, organisation and practical experience. This is precisely what eSense is offering to you.

CallCenter optimisation

eSense’s CallCenter consultancy services include the mapping and due diligence of existing work processes, the design of the most efficient operations as well as the development of a new CallCenter strategy by reviewing the following key areas:

  • converting the CallCenter from a cost element to a profit centre by: identifying cross-selling opportunities;
  • analysing current customer management processes;
  • assessing the efficiency of the knowledge base and its operation;
  • analysing the ratios of the actual number of outbound/inbound calls;
  • revising job descriptions and managerial competencies;
  • reviewing the MIS system;
  • performing a due diligence of the operation of the IVR and other IT system;
  • auditing the quality assurance and performance incentive systems;
  • mapping human resources and
  • identifying legal, labour law and operating risks.

Procedures employed

Based on our professional experience, the most efficient methods to be applied by our experts in the course of the above steps in order to ensure the optimum operation of the CallCenter include:

  • due diligence of the entire CallCenter during operation;
  • cost efficiency review and identification of cost-saving opportunities;
  • development of operating profiles prepared for each field of activity based on in-depth personal interviews;
  • technical analysis and the determination of trends by means of a review of the quantity and content statistics of previous periods;
  • assessment of the efficiency of incentive systems and development of a target-oriented attitude in day-to-day operations;
  • harmonisation of the current IT infrastructure with the objectives and the expectations; and
  • integrated definition of organisational development and training processes.
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