Staff leasing

Within the framework of eSense’s staff leasing services, our Partners’ business operations are supported by our own staff who have passed a multi-level selection process in a way that we also provide full administration services concerning the wages, payroll accounting, vacations and other administrative implications associated with the leased staff in return for our reasonable and affordable service charges that can be directly expensed instead of the wages and contributions payable to and on behalf of your own employees.

Owing to our complex selection and training procedures, we are able to continuously offer reliable, experienced and qualified staff to our Partners. We are confident that our long-standing professional experience and our unique methodology developed in-house combined with our customer-oriented business philosophy ensure the satisfaction of our Partners also in the field of staff leasing.

In our staff leasing services we strive to provide a flexible and reliable alternative in line with our Clients’ business objectives in addition to or instead of having to hire their own full-time employees.

Depending on the number of staff required by our Partners, we charge hourly or monthly rates for our services, including an on-site contact person free of charge either on a weekly or even on a daily basis. In the case of hour-based services, we only charge fees to our Clients on the basis of the number of actual working hours, in other words, the costs of paid vacation, sick leave, sick pay and paid holidays are also covered by us.

In the course of the provision of our services we always flexibly adapt to the needs of our Clients from the selection of staff best suited for the given task through the quick solution of any issues to the ongoing further education of our employees.

Human resources

The several hundreds of staff currently employed by eSense provide a human resources background through which we can immediately meet any requirements from our Clients as they arise. The reliable work performed by our staff and the multi-step quality assurance system of our work processes play a key role in the outstanding quality of our services.


All staff members leased by eSense are required to meet the three level system of criteria of the Assessment Center specifically designed by us.

In the first step of the process, our HR professionals select the potentially suitable candidates of the ones whose CVs have been received by us. Next, they assess the fundamental skills of the candidates by means of a brief telephone interview or they arrange a personal meeting.

In the second phase, the candidates participate in a group interview during which we assess the skills of candidates on the basis of topics aligned to the competencies required for the given job, the personality of the future managers of the candidates and the selection preferences of our Clients.

In the third phase, eSense’s human policy experts make a decision about the introduction or selection of the candidates on the basis of a personal hearing based on the qualities and skills required for the given position.


Within the framework of our staff leasing services, eSense’s client managers personally liaise with our Clients at the locations designated by our Clients free of charge. During these visits we do not only provide continuous assistance in dealing with daily administrative matters associated with the staff but we also support group managers by sharing with them our understanding of labour law and practical matters as well as by performing intermediation activities, where required.


In order to improve the effectiveness of our sales staff leased to our Clients as well as to support the work of their direct superiors, we also provide personal development programs through the involvement of our mentors with unique professional experience in the given field of business.


eSense takes pride in the fact that all staff members leased by us are regular full-time employees of our Company that receive wages and other benefits legitimately and in full compliance with the applicable tax laws, furthermore, their employment contracts and other related documents are fully transparent to our Clients.

National network

eSense offers full coverage and outstanding services in the entire territory of Hungary. Through our nation-wide network, we already provide selection and staff leasing services in all shiretowns.

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