One of our fundamental objectives is to provide customer relations and CallCenter training courses to our Partners that offer quick and efficient solutions to the professional, managerial and communication challenges arising in any given field of operations.

The experience of recent years suggests that high-level qualifications and experience in communications have become a factor of key importance for front-office staff owing to the significantly transformed market environment. Our colleagues are regularly facing new challenges that they are able to cope with more successfully if they receive the necessary support, attention and knowledge and if they have a chance to learn the related practical techniques.

It is a key consideration for us to develop all our training curricula in close cooperation with our Clients and in the light of their needs, also adapting to the local circumstances and the personal level of skills identified as to be developed during the daily work.

Main types of training

Through the implementation of our unique training programs, eSense’s seasoned trainers can significantly contribute to the success of our Partners and the improvement of their operational efficiency, primarily through the following courses:

  • Essential telesales
  • Partner-driven sales techniques
  • Management workshop
  • Effective collection – satisfied customer
  • Negotiation techniques and excuse-management in telesales
  • EQ – emotional quotient: know yourself and your customer
  • Successful targeting – every day
  • Team building – exponential results
  • Empathetic listening techniques

Practical methods applied

Presentations, interactive group work, individual and small group exercises, analysis of video illustrations, role-playing, simulation exercises, personal feedback, demo and sample games, and exercises in pairs are some of the techniques that complement and deepen the theoretical foundations. Situational exercises are recorded by audiovisual equipment and the recordings can be analysed together with the Client during the follow-up phase.

Program implementation

In order to create the most efficient training tools, the actual implementation of training courses is preceded by the detailed and accurate mapping of the given CallCenter activity, the identification of the areas that require improvement, the preparation of in-depth interviews with the relevant persons and a free training demo. It is a unique feature of our Company in the training market that we are also open to success-fee based training courses that guarantee the achievement of the desired results to our Clients.

eSense has been an accredited adult education institution since the summer of 2009 and provides training programs under institutional registration number 00298-2009.

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